AI Value creation Framework

“Don’t waste time on AI for AI’s sake. Be motivated by what it will do for you, not by how sci-fi it sounds.” Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google Tweet Despite recognizing the importance of integrating AI capabilities to stay competitive, businesses do not know how to jumpstart their AI journey. Some companies have […]

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

We listen to the possibilities AI (Artificial Intelligence) can bring to us each day. We are already using some of its applications, such as face recognition (face tag) in Facebook photos, Speech Recognition for various applications and Autonomous cars, to name a few. AI is in the beginning stage for some of us, while others think […]

GPU Accelerated Deep Learning

The buzz around Deep Learning often misleads layman people to think that it is a newly invented technology but it comes as a shock for them when they are told that foundations of Deep Learning were laid down as long back as the 1940-1950s. There is a long history of deep learning where most of […]

Data Science at Scale

Data science projects are like any other software project which needs regular maintenance, enhancements, and improvements over a period of time after the first production deployment. But when it comes to putting ML models in productions, companies are already struggling big time, leave alone the regular maintenance. As per one report, only 22% of the […]

Semi-supervised Learning

Semi-supervised learning is a learning problem that involves a small number of labeled examples and a large number of unlabeled examples

Agile for Data Science

The agile methodology provides data scientists the ability to prioritize models and data according to the goals and requirements of the project.

Data Science Project KPI’s

If It can not be measured, it can not be managed. Data Science projects are no exceptions. KPIs provide the anchor points in AI/ML projects by helping to define what outcomes we should expect when using the models.

Book Summary: Make Your Bed

This is one of my favourite books that I was trying to finish for a long time. “Make Your Bed” by Admiral William H. McRaven is a collection of his inspiring journey and life lessons put in a very concise manner. This is the must-read title for all aspiring leaders. This book is all about […]

The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

This blog post is for someone who wants to become a Tech guy while keeping in mind that great things are developed in a collaborative environment. Definitely a must-read book summary for everyone. source: The Psychology of Computer Programming

Spark Kafka Summit 2017

Here are my slides from talk delivered at Spark Kafka Summit 2017 on “Spark Structured Streaming” topic.