FreOffice Plug-in Ideas for FOSS 2010

FOSS 2010 is open, and NOKIA has announced some N900 for the developers who will develop some code using Qt, QML and submit it at the end of the FOSS 2010 on day 3. Here are some ideas from my presentation which you can pick and develop plug-in for FreOffice. Online dictionary and synonymns Spell […]

MeeGo Conference in FOSS Bangalore

NOKIA is the company known for doing things differently. On the path of that recently I have observed NOKIA is coming out with lot of open source contributions. One of the biggest such initiative is definitely MeeGO. FOSS is one of the biggest platform  for open source developers/contributors in India. This year FOSS is organizing […]

Playing with N900(2): Flash your NOKIA N900 with latest Firmware Image

Today we will flash NOKIA N900 with the latest firmware image. This will provide you more stable build and also you can do experiments with your device by enabling RD mode in it. Following are the steps for flashing your device: ( Before starting to follow these steps, please read the “Important Note” given at […]


MeeGo (A Step towards Open Source Innovation by NOKIA and Intel) NOKIA and Intel are working together to bring a new Open Source operating system and application development platform by combining best features of NOKIA’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin project. MeeGo is a linux based  platform that is capable of running over multiple devices as […]

Internship with NOKIA Research

Hello Friends, I am feeling lucky to get the opportunity to work with NOKIA research. My Internship started on 1st Jan 2010 and will get over by 15th July 2010. I started working from college lab initially. I started working with Qt and Collaborative editing. Picked up kobby and put mysql based authentication server in […]