(A Step towards Open Source Innovation by NOKIA and Intel)

NOKIA and Intel are working together to bring a new Open Source operating system and application development platform by combining best features of NOKIA’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin project. MeeGo is a linux based  platform that is capable of running over multiple devices as handsets, netbooks, connected TV’s , Vehicle information systems..etc. Some of the important Goals of MeeGo project are:

  1. To combining best of two ecosystems and give user a better experience.
  2. To give developers freedom for innovation (by keeping it open source)
  3. Involving community to develop and thus delivering user requirements fast.
  4. Targeting multiple devices.
  5. Providing rich cross platform development environment and tools.
  6. Supporting multiple hardware architecture.

More information about the “MeeGo” project, development environment , learning material can be found at MeeGo website.

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