My talk at FOSS 2010


FOSS 2010

Hey, I am going to give a talk at the MeeGo mini-conference at FOSS 2010. The talk is entitled on? “Open Source Mobile Office Suite and Collaborative Editing on Mobile“. Here is the abstract to the topic:

The ever-increasing necessity and desire to remain connected to the network and do work while being on the move has resulted in significant growth of interest in the applications/tools which can do editing and collaborate with other devices. While working in daily life most of the time we use office applications for taking notes, making reports and presentations. With the increase in processing power and storage capabilities of mobile devices, we need these applications to be available on our mobile devices, so that we can continue doing our tasks even when we are mobile. FreOffice is one such lightweight application which provides support to view and edit office document (Word/Presentation/Excel sheet) on Maemo/MeeGo based mobile devices. FreOffice being an open-source project is attracting developers and has opened doors for the innovation in handling documents on mobile devices.?

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