HuBMAP – Hacking the Kidney

This Kaggle Competition is to detect functional tissue units (FTUs) across different tissue preparation pipelines. An FTU is defined as a “three-dimensional block of cells centred around a capillary, such that each cell in this block is within diffusion distance from any other cell in the same block”. The goal of this competition is the implementation of a successful and robust glomeruli FTU detector.

Chest X-Ray image Analysis

Neural networks have revolutionised image processing in several different domains. Among these is the field of medical imaging. In this notebook, we will get some hands-on experience in working with Chest X-Ray (CXR) images.

The objective of this exercise is to identify images where an “effusion” is present. This is a classification problem, where we will be dealing with two classes – ‘effusion’ and ‘no finding’. Here, the latter represents a “normal” X-ray image.