Ajay Pratap Singh Pundhir

“Data science leader with a laser-focused drive towards building scalable intelligent systems”

Portfolio Projects

Gramener Case Study

This case study is based on the Gramener dataset. The objective of this study is to identify driving factors behind loan default.

Exploratory Data Analysis

HuBMAP – Hacking The Kidney

In this Kaggle Competition, we need to detect functional tissue units across different preparation pipeline.

Kaggle, Competition, EDA, Supervised Machine Learning

Minority Report

Predict the number of location of incidents in a specific area of Dubai

Kaggle, Competition, Data Science

Featured Blog

Data Science Project KPI’s

“ IF It can not be measured, it can not be managed” — Peter Druker Data science is relatively a new field that has found prominence in recent years and sits in parallel with IT and Operation in many …

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Agile Framework for Data Science

Project management methodologies are thought of as effective ways to complete projects or develop products efficiently. These methodologies …

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Semi-Supervised Learning

Current computer vision frameworks show remarkable performance on various challenging computer vision benchmarks, such as image recognition…

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